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Traditional Cooking Method

The chefs at Little Hunan are committed to combining locally sourced ingredients with the traditional cooking methods of Hunan cuisine to bring the real taste of Hunan to the streets of Sydney and kickstart the Hunan food revolution!


The following 4 sauces/foods are essential to mastering the Hunan flavor and are all made in house:

Traditional Hunan Chili Sauce


You will always find Hunan Chili Sauce at the dinner table in Hunan. It can be eaten by itself, as seasoning to pack a punch or used in the cooking itself. Let the lusty red seduce you and the mouthwatering taste transport you to a traditional family dinner in the South of China.

Special Hunan Style Smoked Pork (Chinese Charcuterie)


A succulent and addictive treat infused with the smoke of slow burnt peanut shells, melon skin, rice hulls and sawdust.

Traditional Hunan Pickled Radish

Originating from Xiangxi, pickled radish is sold on almost every street corner of Hunan. The pickled radish adds a burst of flavour, freshness and crunch to every dish. Once you try it, we guarantee it will have you coming back for more!

Special Hunan Black Bean Sauce


Another sauce that the people of Hunan can’t live without! The black bean sauce is made from small, dark beans with a strong flavour. At the dinner table people will be reaching for the black bean sauce to lift the flavour of any dish.  



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